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ShAg Week in Cardiff for World AIDS Day

An estimated 22, 200 people in the UK are unaware of their positive HIV status. World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December annually to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS 

According to UNAIDS, the global AIDS epidemic has halted and the spread of HIV has begun to reverse. However, the estimated number of people living with HIV in North America and Western and Central Europe grew from 1.8 million in 2001 to 2.3 million in 2009. Photo: pjotrP (Flickr).

Charli Scouller, National AIDS Trust’s Communications Manager, argues that HIV “is ignored as a domestic issue. There is no compulsory sex education in schools so young people are growing up not knowing the facts about HIV and how to protect themselves.” 

An estimate of 86, 500 people in the UK were living with HIV in 2009, but a quarter of these were unaware of their status.

Scouller highlighted that stigma and discrimination make people less likely to talk about HIV.

For the occasion of World AIDS Day, Cardiff University Student’s Union have joined forces with a number of charities to mark the annual ShAg Week starting 28 November.

Christopher Davies, event organiser, said, “Hopefully it will get people talking about HIV and AIDS and break down stigmatic barriers that may exist.”