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Shops in Cardiff’s Newest Shopping Precinct Open

The Loudoun Square project moved one step further because of the opening of the new shops

Some new shops opened in the Loudoun Square

It has been quite for months in Butetown in Cardiff bay area. However, this place became lively again as some new shops, comprising café, food market and pharmacy opened this week. Now you can expect more because it is planned to be a large shopping precinct.

 These shops are part of the Loudoun Square project that has been given much concern. Butetown was a 1960s shopping district where many retailers have been running business for over 3o years. The old shops and residential flats were demolished in November 2010 for regeneration, which aims to transform the area into a modern shopping centre with over one million pounds investment.

Celyn Morgan, a local resident said: “It is a major change. I think it will benefit the residents and the city.”