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Soundtrack survives funding turbulences

The Soundtrack International Film and Music Festival has overcome many hurdles and bounced back after a year’s absence

Marcus Lawry, the Soundtrack Coordinator, is looking into the opportunities to create smaller events which would happen in-between the Soundtrack festivals.

Soundtrack festival has risen from the ashes: a phoenix that has doubled in strength. The festival was far better organized and more well-thought than ever before.

 Firstly, it is necessary to praise the organizers for expanding the event geographically, including new venues and cities such as Newport. Another aspect to be celebrated is a great selection of music and films with a truly international angle, including Steve McQueen’s “Shame”, Stanley Kubrick’s controversial “A Clockwork Orange” and the Guillemots [Mercury Prize nominated quartet].

On the last day of the festival, we met Marcus Lawry to reflect on this year’s edition. “The festival went swimmingly well. The audience was shocked by Kubrick’s film, events were well-attended and people were really crazy about the Guillemots’ performance,” said Marcus.  

For some general info about the Soundtrack Festival, see our interview below (coming soon)