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St. David’s: shopping heaven or capitalist trap?

The Welsh patron saint as a Cardiff money maker.

image courtesy of hha124l on Flickr, via Wikipedia

Earlier this week marked the second anniversary of the eye-catching shopping mall in Cardiff city centre, St. David’s – though sometimes with a ‘2’ attached to distinguish it from the original, of which this new development is actually an extension.

But this retail success story has a downside where some people are concerned: it has taken the spotlight in Cardiff’s shopping experience from already existing venues such as Queens Arcade and Capitol Centre.

 Opinion aside, figures published by the Cardiff Council don’t lie: day visitor numbers to Cardiff in 2010 rose by 27%, while all visitors combined generated about £852 million of the city’s revenue in 2010.

If still in doubt, you only need to take a walk around, and see the money magic at work.