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Star gifts in Christmas Emporium

The Royal Christmas Emporium in Royal Arcade

Top three Christmas products are chosen by the staff in The Royal Christmas Emporium according to the customers’ demand and staff’s recommendation.

Only targeted on Christmas market, the Royal Christmas Emporium, located in Royal Arcade, opens from the beginning of October to the beginning of January.

In the sales volume list, an array of magical fairy decs is the best-seller because of the delicate design. Christmas tree with an average price of£140 ranks second. Apart from those, the new arrivalWoodenCandleBridgeis of high recommendation by staff.

 “We may introduce our product to the customers who are wondering to choose,” said Jessica Stubbs, shop assistant of the Royal Christmas Emporium, “as we hope everyone get fantastic Christmas gift from our shop.”

Top1: Christmas Fairy


Top2: Christmas tree


Top 3: Wooden candle bridge