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Stiff upper lip

This month, British men groom their whiskers as a part of “Movember.”

Whiskers galore this Movember. picture: Hamid Najafi

From handlebars and horseshoes to the full-blown walrus, this November, it’s time for the lads to get their tash on. The penultimate month of the year has been declared “Movember”—30 days to sprout some of the fanciest facial fuzz.

In a global trend, men of all ages are spending hours in front of mirrors this month grooming moustaches. The movement has also been linked to a good cause: raising awareness about men’s health.  

In Cardiff, the student’s union has encouraged students to raise money to fight prostrate cancer. Several students have been spotted making good progress with their rather dashing upper lip “soup-strainers.”

“I decided to give it a try because it’s something new,” says Prathamesh, a student from India. “It’s not something I’d heard of until I came to Cardiff.”