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Student lock-in swept St David’s


People are queuing in line miles away from the entrance gate simply to wait for the lock-in opening hour at 8pm.


The Student Lock-In hosted in St David’s received a zealous reaction.

The night in early Autumn in Cardiff is getting chilly especially accompanied with drops of rain. People’s passion and thirst for shopping, however, does not waver at all. It is because Student Lock-In is coming back. This event is rather a shopping festival mainly targeted at students than a shopping carnival with the purpose of entertaining young people. This year is no exception.

Compared with last year’s event, there are over 90 of St. David’s stores getting involved and offering up to 25% discounts on selling items. Besides in-store entertainments, goodie bags and free cuisines will also be the sources of entertainment.

Evan, one of the native students told the correspondent: “ I have saved for a long time,  simply for this evening’s shopping.”