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‘Superfast’ 4G launched in Cardiff

EE’s first 4G customer tries out his new phone. Permission from EE Press Association.

The wait is over. 4GEE is here.

EE’s “phenomenally fast” 4G service launched last Tuesday, with Cardiff as one of the first 11 cities. Their first customer, David Rowlands, travelled all the way from Bournemouth.  

Now the UK’s first 4G network, EE, previously known as Everything Everywhere, has been re-launched and re-branded. With 98% UK coverage planned by 2014, a new generation of 4G phones boast internet five times faster than 3G. To test this, two phones went head-to-head playing the Skyfall trailer; 4G finished before 3G had even properly begun.

South Wales Regional Manager Gerwyn Morgan said this isn’t just good news for gamers and film fanatics; the faster speeds may also boost business.

“4G is going to have a massive impact” he promised.