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Italian Food Market comes to town

The choices are plenty at the Italian Food Market

The Italian Food Market brings central Cardiff a cornucopia of Mediterranean smells and tastes on the seventh day, every two months.

When going to this street market any person is faced with impressive hard decisions, such as choosing between ludicrous amounts of Ciabbata’s or some salami’s with Parmesan, garlic and spicy flavour.

If rejoicing on all fourteen different types of traditional pastas from southern Italy or deciding which of the fifteen type of olive oils from Tuscany to Sicily to consume. If packing some kilos of almond biscuits or stacking some caramel fudge inside your pockets.


With a Greek mother and an Italian father Tony Geovann couldn’t be more Mediterranean. The 28-years-old market manager explains how the Italian Food Market already turned into a Cardiff tradition after only two years since it started coming to Wales , “People around here already know and expect us.”

The idea was created by the Met Food London company which provides the products and organizes this markets all over the UK and the rest of Europe.

“Most of the products are from Italy but we also have other Mediterranean dishes like Greek cheeses and Turkish baklava.”

When asked about the absence of an offer of wines between this vast array of olive oils and balsamic vinegar Geoavann blamed it on the difficulty to get hold of licences to sell alcohol.

Nonetheless go there and take your pick!