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Tough student visa laws draw flak


Indian students are now reconsidering the UK as an educational option

Students across India have voiced serious concerns about British government’s latest move to tighten student visa regulations next year.

Last week, immigration minister Damian Green announced that rules on student visas “were beginning to bite ” and would be accompanied by more stringent checks in 2012. The plan to put an end to post-study visas has not gone down well with prospective applicants in India.

“I don’t get it, actually,” said T.Basu, who plans to apply to a postgraduate programme in 2012. “I don’t understand why they’d keep skilled workers at bay, especially those with post-graduate degrees.”

Cardiff University has seen a drop in the number of Indian students this year,  confirms a representative of the Indian society on campus, possibly since post-study visas were cancelled.

Many students are also reconsidering applying to the UK, in a trend that could harm the reputation of British universities abroad.