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Tunisian win a win for women?

An Nahda’s Islamic values may be incompatible with Women’s rights in the secualar state.

The moderate Islamist party, An Nahda, has claimed victory in the recent first ever free poll elections in Tunisia.

 This win comes after the wake of an uprising that ousted President Zine El-Albidine Ben Ali, and sparked similar protests in the Middle East.

 Tunisia is a secular nation with strong feminist ideals. It affords its women rights not necessarily enjoyed in the rest of the Arab World, such as providing rights for divorced women, and the banning of polygamy.

 Party leader, Rachid Ghannouchi has pledged to leave those rights untouched, but will aim to build a democracy in Tunisia ”based on Islamic values.” 

 But will these Islamic values run the risk of scoffing these very rights?