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Vox-pop: Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Police station on King Edward VII Ave.

The first South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election was held on Wednesday Nov.15. Alun Michael from Labour party got elected with 72,751 in total. Other three candidates included Caroline Jones (conservative), Michael Baker (independent) and Tony Verderame (independent).The major job of PCC is to take charge of the police force, budget and chief constable hiring in South Wales. However, before the election citizens in Cardiff had little knowledge of the four candidates.

For the senior citizens, most of them stated they did not know of whom they should vote for as well as the candidates’ information due to the lack of government’s publicity. For the juniors, they hardly knew there would be a commissioner election.

Susan Callow, a retired teacher from Talbor Green, even pointed out: “We have not even been told who our candidate is. We have no contacts to the whole process. ”