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Vox pop: public concern over horses’ welfare

Thousands of ponies in South Wales are at risk

Photograph: Joris van Baalen (flickr)

According to six prominent horse welfare charities in UK, a pressing crisis has emerged as an increasing number of horses being abandoned across South Wales.

Earlier this month, 17 horses were found on a community’s tennis courts in the Vale of Glamorgan. In addition, police in Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan claimed they had received a flood of calls about abandoned ponies on various sites.      

Beyond doubt, as living creatures, animals are entitled to certain welfare. The neglect and abandonment of horses in South Wales, merely because horse prices witnessed a sharp decline, should promptly be prevented.

The illegal conduct of horse dumping has aroused public concern over animal welfare.  They appeal to the Welsh government cooperating with welfare organizations to tackle the issue.