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Vox Pop: the “Hardest Hit” Hit Cardiff

The “Hardest Hit”, a fierce fight back

Cardiff city centre was occupied by around 1000 protesters on 22 October. Under the economic crisis, the government was going to replace the DLA (Disability Living Allowance) with a new Personal Independence Payment.

In response to the disability allowance cut, the “Hardest hit” campaign conducted several demonstrations across the country including London, Edingburgh, Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester, and the one in Cardiff was the biggest.

When talking of the prospective of the rally, a demonstrator, Rosie Moriart Simmonds remained optimistic, she said, “You can never judge how the protest will go, but we have over 1000 people at the Cardiff protest alone. You have to do a lot more of it before the government will actually take notice.” However, Pat Stark, a supermarket employee, thinks the government will not heed the protests.