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Vox Pop: “Torchwood”:Back to Cardiff or Stay in America

BBC Wales moved its famous TV series “Torchwood” from Cardiff to America, the vox pop shows people want it back.

New figures represent that the biggest contributor to Wales’ tourism industry is now Cardiff. “Torchwood”, a well-known and successful BBC Wales TV play was filmed in Cardiff, and the “Torchwood” attractions are one of the reasons why Cardiff has now become a most popular tourist destination in Britain. Additionally, “Torchwood” has an influence on the city’s popular culture. However, BBC Wales moved it to America. The latest season was shot in USA and the last episode was aired last month. It has been widely discussed on the Internet and in the real world whether “Torchwood” should come back to Cardiff. A “We want Torchwood Cardiff” banner even appeared on the “Ianto memorial wall”. Melvyn, a tourist at Cardiff Bay said “Torchwood” is important to Cardiff.