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Wales, Castle Capital of the World

 Wales: 3 million people, 12 million sheep and 400 castles.

Cardiff Castle, from the Bute Park

With more than 400 castles still standing, Wales, can pride itself on having been able to preserve a rich historical patrimony throughout the entire welsh region. Cardiff Castle, Beaumarr, Caerphilly, Carreg Cennen… As many names history was kind enough to preserve since the middle Ages.

 The welsh governmental organisation Cadw looks after every single medieval ruin throughout Wales.

 “”Cadw” is the welsh word for “preserve”. And that’s what Cadw does: preserve and look after those beautiful constructions.” Explains Keith, employee at the Cardiff Tourist Office. ““Carreg Cennen, one of the most beautiful castle is just an hour and twenty minutes from here.”

 The Cardiff Tourism Centre provides maps, and ideas of entertaining castle’s visit for all families: a good way to organize a great week end.

©Cardiff Tourist Office

Ask for a free map at the Tourist Office.