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.wales or .cymru – which do you support?

Wales will apply for its own Internet domain name but business and consumers are still confused on .wales or .cymru

A new report suggests that majority of businesses and consumers feel that Wales should have its own domain name. In January, ICANN, the worldwide internet regulator will allow different countries to apply for new domain names.  That is, instead of .uk, websites registered in Wales can now end at its own Internet domain name.

But the question that arises is: what should be the ideal domain name for Wales? .wales or .cymru?

Domain of Wales


The choice of domain name is still not finalized by the Welsh government. But the possibility of 2 domain names can be ruled out as registering either of them will cost the exchequer as much as £116,045.

The Welsh government has to deal with both native and non-native speakers before finalising the Domain name for Wales. Moreover, the central focus of the new domain would be growth in International business.

So .wales or .cymru; which one would you pick?