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Wales ready to rock Winter Solstice

Take advantage of Wales’ rich history and do something a little different this December

Wiltshire’s Stonehenge is the most famous stone circle in the world. A number of the bluestones that make up the henge were brought from Wales’ Preseli hills.

As the days draw in and the Winter Solstice approaches, Wales offers many opportunities to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

St Fagans National History Museum is holding a prehistoric Winter Solstice Feast on 17 and 18 December.

Or go a step further and head to one of Wales’ stone circles.  Many of these circles are aligned so that the winter sun rises directly behind them on the year’s shortest day, making for an inspiring spectacle.

Cardiff resident and keen outdoorsman Thomas Nash said, “As a big fan of the great outdoors, I think it would be well worth sacrificing a lie in to watch the Winter Solstice sunrise. And what better place than an enigmatic stone circle in the Welsh hills”.