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Watch out for the licence please!


The new “arts and artists bar” and Tesco in Cardiff both encountered the licence cases with contrary results this week.

Alcohol being sold in Tesco










Harlech Court, where the new “arts and artists bar” will be

Cardiff Council’s sub licensing committee gave a premises licence to the upcoming “arts and artists bar’’ founded by Daniel Porter in Bute Terrace, Cardiff, despite the objections from the residents for concerns about the noises and public safety. The licence will give the bar the permission to sell alcohol until the latest 3am in Wednesdays.


new Tesco will be in the Capitol center in Cardiff

However, Tesco’s application to extend alcohol selling      hours from 8pm to 10pm in their upcoming store in Churchill way in Cardiff city centre was denied by the committee. Ed Bridge, the chairman of the committee believed the extension would intensify the “reveller’’ problem in centre by saying “extended licence would see Churchill Way’s only off-licence selling alcohol at a time when “revellers” are arriving to start their night out.”