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Watchers Film Show’s new calendar

The watchers in Cardiff has provided a new film calendar on December for audiences.

Terrance Edwards been interviewed by ITV. Picture credited by Terrance Edwards.

The new calendar starts with a Yuletide film—<Batman Returns> on 1 December, then a collection of pictures from the film <How the Grinch Stole Christmas > on 2 December. The following days’ events on December are to be updated every day.

The members of The Watchers are two movie lovers Rhys Jones and Terrance Edwards, who watch then record films as soon as they get out of the theatre. “I worked at daytime and then use a night at the cinema as the perfect way to unwind.” Said Terrance Edwards.

Rhys Jones emphasised that “We aim to bring audiences real instincts and views on movies.”

Just expect the fantastic calendar!