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Rap revives Welsh language one rhyme at a time

Mr Phormula in his hip hop recording studio

Rapper MrPhormula will become the first ever rapper to rap in the Welsh language at the prestigious MOBO Awards in Liverpool on 3 of November.

The rapper from Gwynedd, is part of a great collective of Welsh rappers who has been looking for the perfect beat in welsh territory. Musicians like Y Diwygiad, who like Phormula try to maintain the native language alive and kicking.

The Wales scene as been fighting for his space with the likes of  Newport natives Goldie Lookin Chain and Beatbox Fozzy, Swansea boys The Headcase Ladz , North Wales veterans  Llwybr Llaethog, Cardiff based Flow Dem and Dead Residents and many others  trying to represent Wales in the competitive world of British grime and hip-hop.

You can see Mr.Phormula unleash some wicked welsh rhymes on the UK Rap Anthem music video from the “Rap Britannia” documentary made by BBC Radio 1Xtra.