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Enjoy your trip to Cardiff!

The capital, Cardiff, contributes the largest and steadiest part of Wales’ tourism economy.

Millennium Centre, Cardiff

New figures revealed that Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan accounted for nearly one quarter of Wales’ total tourism income.

According to the tourists interviewed at several scenic spots, the must-go places are the Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Bay. “I heard about Cardiff from my friends, and they told me it was worth going to, so after finishing a conference in Plymouth, here I am!” said Jiang Fan from Dalian China, who just finished the visit to Cardiff Castle.

introduction of the Cardiff Castle in different languages

The figures also mentioned the importance of the events held at the Millennium Stadium and the Millennium Centre, as well as other sporting events.


Another great piece of news: Cardiff was voted as best 10 cities in the UK for the nightlife, according to a travelers’ poll.

However, Alya and Tia, two Malaysian girls, felt a bit anxious about the expense of traveling. “Because of the financial crisis around the world, I guess we’re actually spending more money on plane tickets and accommodation cost.”