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Youth Panel presents discrimination

Young animators bring youth discrimination to public through the film. 


‘If You Listened to Me’ contains a series of self-portraits by young people
from the workshops. Photo courtesy to Save the Children.

Teenagers in Wales share life experiences through the “If You Listened to Me” short film, hoping to draw public attention and raise an awareness of youth discrimination. 

A group of six students from Youth Panel, an advisory board of young people, represented 40 voices of teenagers around Wales and created an animated film to reveal a youth discrimination problem they are having in life.

Produced in both English and Welsh, the four-minute film contains original arts work of participated students who joined the workshop during the gathering information process.

Rebecca Horder, organiser of the project, said, “The six Youth Panel members work especially hard in designing and appointing the film company. It was so good to see a project from start to finish with young people’s involvement throughout.” 


If You Listened to Me from Children in Wales on Vimeo.