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An afternoon on Cardiff Bay Barrage

Heralded as “Europe’s largest waterfront development” the Cardiff Bay barrage was pivotal to the redevelopment of the Cardiff docklands but it is a lot more than just an engineering project. So grab your hat and gloves and visit it for an afternoon out.

Forming part of the Wales Coastal path the barrage runs 1.1km from Cardiff docks to Penarth, and along the foot and cycle paths you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy.


Learn about Wales’ black gold at the age of coal exhibitionage-of-coal-exhibition

Or how Cardiff is connected to Antarctica, besides the temperature at the Frost of the antarctic exhibition.


If you’re more into fitness than history the adizone outdoor gym was set up for the 2012 olympics allowing you to fit in a full body workout while you enjoy the view out over the bay


Or better still visit Cardiff Sailing centre and get out on the water.

For those who prefer their sport a little drier there is also a skate plaza.

If you have children or just embrace your own inner child there is a pirate themed play area, and keep an eye out for the ‘croc on the dock’ celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl.


On the southern (Penarth) side of the barrage you’ll find the 3 locks that keep the bay at permanent high water and there a sea angling zone along the breakwater here.

Walk out to end of this breakwater to enjoy view out to Flatholm island a SSSI and local nature reserve 5 miles of the coast it also has wales’ most southerly pub.


If the walk has tired you out the water bus picks up at the south end of the barrage or there is the land train to take you safely back to the bay.