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Boardgames: a great way to share time together!

How relaxing and warm it is when friends or families gather together and play games. As Christmas comes closer, playing boardgames has become a hit for families to have fun and tighten family bond.

Parents and kids came and enjoyed funny boardgames.

A biennial family games activity returned on Sunday and immersed parents and children in playing boardgames in a local games center.


Firestorm Games hosted Family Games Day, trying to encourage parents to come along with their kids, interact and play funny games. “Boardgames are a great way of bringing a family together to share time together,” said Andy, the events manager, “T xchey develop social and thinking skills and provide a platform for families to enjoy each other company.”

Different kinds of games were provided for participants.

The game center provided a wide range of boardgames for families to have fun together. Parents put aside their work and had opportunities to accompany their kids at that day.

Ed wore funky clothes and enjoyed his first time playing games with his children.

“This is the first time that I play games with my kids. I thought I was done this game a little bit when I was young. It is long time ago. I have never done this sort of activity with my children. I am in a full-time employment, so we don’t get a lot of time for this,” said Ed, a father with two kids.

Rob West, the director of Firestorm Games

Rob West, the director of the game center, thought playing boardgames together is better than sitting at home, parents watching television with their phones but the children staying at the other room or playing sports on the bus station.


“We do play boardgames at home but that may be once a month if not doing something else. It’s important for parents to be involved in activities with their children whether it is playing games. So we are doing a lot of things with our children, games or other activities,” added Ed.


The excellent activity not only attracted parents and kids to come here for fun but also other local residents. One of the participants, Steve, said boardgames encourage people to try new things and get fun in the game.