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Breakout: Can you escape in time?

Escape rooms have exploded over the past year in Cardiff, and there’s no better place to play than at Breakout.


A new way to enjoy the day out with friends and family

Located in the Brewery Quarter above Five Guys restaurant, the venue offers five rooms with a range of difficulties, which constantly get updated so you are guaranteed a new experience every time.

“It was great fun. A good mix and very enjoyable,” said one customer that who just completed a room. “There were a lot of challenging puzzles, with some easy ones too.”


With breakout its about the quality, not the quantity

On first impression, I instantly felt a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly tone to the place. It was not until I started playing that I saw the true thrill.

Before the game started, we were briefed up on what to expect and what our task would be. We were given information that would help us understand the environment that we were about to be placed in.

Me and my friends played a brand-new room called ‘Disturbed’, which challenged our problem-solving skills and our ability to work as a team. The experience felt very realistic.


Numerous games can be happening at once, and you can even challenge your friends to a race

“Live action escape rooms have been popping up everywhere recently, and I think we do a good take on them,” said Brooke Bartram, employee at Breakout Cardiff. “We have a good mix of rooms with varying difficulties which allows everyone to get involved.”

Breakout tries its best to design its rooms so that there are numerous problems to be solved, from finding codes to locks, to solving word puzzles. The challenge-entertainment balance is spot on.


The excitement after finally escaping cannot be described

We had great fun playing, and immersed ourselves in the situation that we were placed in. We took initiative, faced the obstacles and in the end, broke out with time still left on the clock.

When we came out, were told that we broke out with a new record time for the room. The sense of triumph and accomplishment just topped the brilliant experience that we had.


No matter what kind of person you are, you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience

Breakout delivered everything that I was hoping, and my only criticism would be the size of the room. I felt it was a bit small and we were quite crammed inside.

Having said that, Breakout did well to work with the space it had which is why I am giving it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to do with their friends and family.