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Buy a pint of beer and hangout at Grange Catholic Club

When thinking of a regular hangout for older people in Grange town, give Grange Catholic club a try!

A close-up of the Grange Catholic Club building

The club was founded in 1898; and after the increase of pub closures, its doors remained open.

With its homely environment and friendly committee, the business has never been better.

Regular costumers hanging out by the bar

The social club has more than a hundred members who turn up on a daily basis either after work or at night to have a good time and enjoy regular activities. 

Club lottery for members

The committee never fails to organize activities such as, bingo nights, Saturday night performances, and holiday events to keep their usual costumers entertained. 

Bingo night for costumers and members

“I do tend to get a bit bossy”, said Carol Price, the vice chairperson, “we are all a big family here, but I always like to double check on things just to make sure that everything’s perfect”.

Price, the 71-year-old, was the first woman ever to become the vice chair of the committee.

“John Hobbs is the chairperson and he came up to me two years ago asking me if I wanted to become vice chair”, she added, “and by making history I said yes”.

Karawan Mohamed, the club manager with Carol Price, the vice-chairperson