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Cadwaladers: Sundae Time At The Seaside

The story of Cadwaladers began in 1927 and the store has been attractive ever since then. What makes it so popular all over the years?

Cadwaladers is the perfect place to sweet you up!

The Cadwaladers family used to make and sell their unique vanilla ice cream from the window of the Criccieth general store in Wales, now they settle in the Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay.

The secret recipe of locally produced ingredients to produce ice-cream is passing down from generation to generation, so the taste maintains the same the whole time.

Apart from sundae, Cadwaladers also provides unique chilled drinks, velvety smooth hot chocolates and coffees to help people get their daily caffeine fix.


To adapt to the modern trend, a wide range of ice-cream and dessert can be made Dairy-free and Vegan in today’s Cadwaladers.

It was the second time that Caserteno’s family from Newport came to Cardiff Bay, and they went back to Cadwaladers as well because the little boy loves the bubblegum ice cream with sprinkles.

People can enjoy a beautiful view over the sea on the balcony at Cardiff Bay on a sunny day.

Another fantastic thing people can do in Cadwaladers is creating a lovely memory with family and friends, and that’s been happening all the time.

Sharon has been coming to North Wales from time to time with her grandchildren to the very same ice-cream café, they will share the raspberry waffles. “Please hurry up and open a shop in South Wales, or even London, let me be closer to Cadwaladers.” Said Sharon.