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Cardiff Indoor Flea Market: Hunting For Old Days

Vintage Camera

If you enjoy hunting through bargains and antiques, why not come to Cardiff Indoor Flea Market?

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market is located in Unit 2 Clydesmuir Road Industrial Estate, Tremorfa, close to Splott Park and opens on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 09:00am to 05:00pm

People can not only purchase a wide range of vintage products here but also feel like experiencing travelling back to the past in a time machine. Tables of the last century, hidden gems, old CDs… each item here has a sense of period and tells stories of its historical time. It is also a place full of trust and humanity. Stall owners might greet to you warmly and are all willing to share stories with you. Some stalls are even unguarded and if you want to purchase products, you can phone stall owners or ask other owners for help.

Among numerous items,  “what is the best antiques?”, following pictures will tell you an answer. 

Stall owners are mainly those people who enjoy finding vintage items from car-boots, auctions, advertisements in newspapers, networks, etc.

Customers are browsing around diverse range of stalls including home appliance, artwork, clothing, audio and video products, etc.

Customers can find china, glasses, ceramic whose price ranges from pennies to pounds.

A 1950s twin-lens reflex made in Germany is sold at £25.

A British-made World War II fighter pilot jacket, with a bullet hole on its back.

A stall owner is maintaining fragile antiques.

“The best antiques are old friends”, those days which belong to gramphone, twin-lens reflex and leather flight jacket have gone, but people who traveled the days with you would be treasure forever.