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Christmas market in Grangetown: Come to enjoy!

Local makers who sell handmade ceramics, paintings and wooden decorations are waiting for you.

Christmas market in Grangetown opens at Lufkin coffee. 183 Clare Road, Grangetown.

People in Grangetown are welcomed to take part in craft market every Sunday preparing for Christmas at Lufkin coffee.

The market is to help the local residents shop for Christmas gifts and it will open from 24th November to 15th December.

“I enjoy selling my product at the Christmas market. When buying presents especially some functional things like ceramic vase or ceramic bowl. I would always prefer to ask questions about the process. Thus,I hope my customers have shared values,” said Ethan Powell, a junior student from Cardiff School of Art and Design major in ceramics.

Ethan Powell’s ceramic products are Japanese styles.

He said, “Also, I think there is more interest in handmade goods as gifts. Nowadays, some people are trying to rise above the commercial side of Christmas, so buying high quality handmade from local sole traders is much more appealing.”

Lillemor Latham graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University a year ago and owned a crafts shop by herself.

“Collect raw, local material and process them by hand. All the materials used by making ceramic and wood are sustainable,” said Lillemor Latham, the owner of The Craft Guillemot.

She said, “It is not only a gift . Through my work, I aims to offer an alternative to the throw-away attitude society has developed, so it might be bring a lifestyle for friends .”

Florence Boyd, a painter, said, “This is a card you can send someone as a Christmas present. I draw them and make them as digital prints.”

Some of the cards she made are with flower seeds. She think the seeds are sometimes have the meaning of hope and it is just like plant a wish for the new year.

All the pictures on cards are drew by Florence Boyd.

As a customer, Fiona McAllister told me she like unusual handmade things. She bought a vase and a bowl from Ethan as Christmas present for her sister. “They will make unique gifts”, said her.