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Come and experience craft-work in Cardiff Bay!

A craftwork exhibition in Cardiff Bay gives people an opportunity to explore traditional arts.

Kathy William’s work

“Craft in the Bay” is an art gallery in Cardiff Bay, which recently hosted an arts and crafts demonstration on Saturday 3 February.  

Gallery admission is free and it is open from 10:30am to 5:30pm daily.  

Craft in the Bay is a permanent gallery space for The Makers Guild, and is a place for exhibitions and retailing.

“The Makers Guild in Wales” is an independent craftwork and applied art organisation. Running as a co-operative business since 1997, artists volunteer their time to help maintain the gallery. 

The gallery at Cardiff Bay

Kathy Williams came to the exhibition to show her craftwork on Saturday: “These kind of crafts are made by hand. As you can see, carpets, scarves and braidings. I make them alone and really enjoy it,” she says.

Her scarves are sought after, and clients often come back to buy them again.

Kathy Williams

Kathy was first introduced to spinning, weaving and dyeing in the late ‘70s. She has a Bradford Diploma qualification in handloom weaving.

“My favour is the geometric style and I work mainly to commission large tapestry woven rugs.”

“Crafts make my life colorful and challenging. When I find a traditional culture and interesting angle, I will make it into a craft such as a scarf or some braiding, so I can express myself.”


The Makers Guild in Wales houses artists with diverse talents.  Members specialise in different types of craftwork.
Glass artist Ruth Shelley says: “I am continually experimenting and developing my glass fusing techniques and colors”.


Ruth Shelley’s work

Dora from Swansea, who participated in the demonstration was excited about the exhibition.

“This is my first time here. I’m a little bit surprised. I like the crafts based on cultural history with the artists’ own ideas,” she says.

“I am looking forward to what the exhibition will be in the future.”

The inside of the gallery

The gallery has a Facebook page to keep people informed about demonstrations at Craft in the Bay.

You can also become a member of the Maker Guild by clicking here.