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Monthly reminiscence session

Sit down for a cup of tea or coffee and share the stories and experiences of growing and living in the city.

childhood games

Local people in Cardiff are being encouraged to share their childhood memories as part of an innovative project run by the Museum of Cardiff to develop an oral history of the city.

The Cardiff Story project runs monthly reminiscence session on every first Wednesday . Each session begins with a special guest telling a story or anecdote or memory to kick start discussions. This is an important opportunity for the museum to collect memories and stories from Cardiff.

Jordan, the organizer of the event said : “This event is really crucial, because although it is very informal event, the purpose is to let the community where the museum is located know that your memory is valuable.

“A lot of people may be isolated or lonely in different weeks of the year and what this session does is show the importance of the memories and it is a fine way of exploring the history of Cardiff as well and gives them the ownership of the importance of their memories.”

people give each other Christmas presents

It is a free event, open to everyone and anyone, the purpose of this event is to attract a regular following of Cardiffians and attendees, sit down and share their stories and experiences of growing and living in the city.

Sylvia, one of the regular attendees said, “We love this group and we have been participating in this event for several years , we look forward to coming to talk with others whatever topic that Jordan introduces to us, she also brings exhibits from the museum for us to talk about, it is enjoyable.”

Rowland, “I was born before the world war, as I am going to end my life now, it is a looking back process since things have changed from the old times. I have been coming here for several years, I can talk about football, boxing and rugby, I get along well with them.”

the old people are remembering the past

Jordan said, “One thing we found from the last five years is reminiscence monthly groups, it meant to get people reminiscence to talk about their memories about Cardiff, we pick different theme every month.

“It has been running for five years, today we talk about child hold memories of entertainments, games and music people were listening to. ”