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New restaurant opened in Cardiff Bay

A new Indian food restaurant was opened three weeks ago in Cardiff Bay, served by a funky container.

Gourmet Guru is a street food car, which is a part of Moksh restaurant and Chef Stephen Gomes holdings. It is located in the corner of Bute Crescent, Cardiff Bay.

The design of the food car is stunning, designed by Chef’s wife whom is a fan of street arts.

The view of Gourmet Guru.

The street art design inside the restaurant.

According to staff Debby, this lovely food car has been opened only three weeks in Cardiff Bay.

The staff Debby is phoning with her friend.

Debby is making food and talking with customers.

The taste of Gourmet Guru is Seekh Kabab, a Mumbai flavor.

A Mumbai flavour hot-dog.

Drinks provided by the Gourmet Guru.

The design of the restaurant: colourful stones on the ground.

The design of the restaurant: graffiti wall

Every passer-by is attracted by its colourful style and amazing graffiti when they pass it.

Gourmet Guru is a very nice and convenient place for visitors to have a rest and enjoy special Indian flavor. And the impressive street art makes customers joyful.

Passers-by are looking the amazing street arts