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The Early Bird: welcome back home

Are you an advocate of the ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ hypothesis? at The Early Bird, you will definitely find an early bird type nest in the corner and kick back for a few hours.

Slightly tucked away on Woodville Road in Cardiff, you will find it purely from the canary yellow exterior.

The Early Bird Artisan Bakery and Cafe, a top 3 cafe at Cardiff, is one of those places that you can walk into and feel at home immediately.

Pulling the front door, you will quickly have a rustic feel. 


There are friendly and nice receptionists here

Listening to the 70’s background music, you can see warming light chandelier, white washed walls, comfortable seating, cushions, the mouthwatering aroma of cooked breakfast, freshly bread coffee… 

Everything around you makes you feel like grandma’s house.

“all of them are unique and delicious, and people loves them so much, if I have to make a recommendation, maybe you should not miss ‘Green Breakfast & Ham’ and Tea latte” said a lovey lady here.


Smoked ham, sautéed spinach @a soft poached egg drizzled with hazelnut pesto on toasted brioche.
A cup of coffee with a mixture taste of fresh milk back tea and special cassia