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The Elmer’s: No.1 café in Cardiff

A small garden café ranks to the No.1 café in Cardiff, according to TripAdvisor. What makes this greasy spoon cafe become so popular?

The Elmer’s café locates in a busy street of Cathays, between a charity shop and Domino’s Pizza takeaway. The appearance is not stand out, but customers come and go all the time, full of students from colleges nearby and regulars in that café. 

The appearance of the Elmer’s café is quite simple.

Clifford Jones, the current owner, said he has taken over this café for twelve years and the name comes from his nick name, Elmer. 

Clifford Jones, the owner of the Elmer’s café.

“We offer quality food, our prices are good prices, we have a report with all of our customers, and we all have good personalities, they help when you get into purpose.” he says.

Except for regular English Breakfast, the café also offers specials, which changes from time to time.
“it’s not just the local, street people who just pass by Cardiff, they will also come here.”
Working people come here to take a break and enjoy a hearty meal at lunch time.

“It is a friendly café, I mean, we encourage people to share with the table, and it does work because a lot of people now know each other when they come into the café.”