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the Honeycomb: toy library in Grangetown

the Honeycomb front door

For all toy lovers and fun lovers, maybe also bee lovers in Cardiff, this is your place to be!

this outstanding bee themed store on Clare Road opens from Tue. to Sat.

This cute toy& book store in Grangetown was opened recently this year as not only a selling store, but also a play zone where parents and kids can come to enjoy a series of events, or just read stories and have fun together.

A toy library can also be found here, where a wide range of toys can be borrowed just like books.

Besides this cute furry robot, more funny toys are waiting inside to surprise you.

This financially and also eco- friendly idea came from the owner of the shop, a lovely young mother, Maia’s mind during maternity leave. With her fondness of toys and little jokes, a heart full of love – and also her love to bees – this bee themed shop has been offering people from all ages a place to relax and communicate.

shop owner Maia Banks, a bee lover, loves children books and toys
Maia talking to customers
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