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Asked on the street: Are all degrees worth the same?

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As open days start once again popping around in universities, The Independent has published a list of the 10 weirdest courses offered in the country. The ones they list represent real oddities, but even among more “traditional” subjects, are some courses effectively worth more than others?


Lisa, key managerLisa, key manager

“It’s about what pathway you chose. If it took you ten years to become a surgeon
I think that should be valued more than a three-year degree.”

Katy, script writing studentKaty, Script Writing student

“I think all courses are pretty equal in general, they offer a range of choices.
Rather, the main problem is the high fees.”


Angus, Deliveroo driverAngus, Deliveroo rider

“I studied photography but it was a waste of money and time, always independent study.
It’s more about how the courses are managed than the subject itself.”





Pat and Beverly, retired

Pat and Beverly, retired

P: “It depends on your mindset. You can’t think of becoming a psychologist in 3 years.
It’s going to take a lot more than that.”

B: “Some people enrol on a course just to have a certification. If that’s the idea,
you’re better off undertaking apprenticeship.”

Grace, BSc Business EconomicsGrace, Business & Economics student

“It’s got to do with society’s preconception. People think that some degrees require more intelligence,
but obviously different subjects develop different skills.”

What about you? Are you happy with your degree? Would you change anything if you could go back?