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Welcome back, Christmas Market!

More than 200 local food producers, designers, artists, and crafts people work together to set down their wooden stalls with unique stuffs in Cardiff.

As Santa Clause has never missed any appointments with children, Christmas Market also keeps the promise of taking unique and qualified stuffs to people every year in Cardiff. As expected, it has come back on November 10th, just siting in the City Centre!


The scene of Christmas market in the evening.

“It takes us 6 days to build and then decorate our wooden stalls,” said by Jane Hall who is operations manager in Craft Folk, which company run the Christmas Market for the past 20 years.

“I think the reason why the market so special is because all out exhibitors actually make all their own products that you can only purchase from them directly.”

Jane also said that each year they invited charities to take part in the event free of charge to assist them in raising the profile of their charity.

Thanks to all those people who have made efforts for the market, great opportunities are provided to us for not only shopping, but also meeting nice persons, listening to their wonderful stories.

If you pass by a wooden stall full of abstract paintings and bold colours, which catch your eyes and take your breath, you may stand in front of Rachel’s stall. She is an artist, a lecturer in a university, and also a mother of three young children. In her paintings, you can feel a positive energy, feel passionate for life, for love. Want to take a look at her works before go to the market? Here is the shortcut. http://www.artracheltrott.co.uk/shop/4592847902

"Welcome to my wild flower meadows", Rachel Trott

“Welcome to my wild flower meadows”, Rachel Trott

Christmas always brings people with their childhood memories, in which handmade gifts must have a special position.Meeting with Jacqui may make you remind your grandma, warmed smile, kind eyes, and good at making small but super lovely gifts. When Jacqui was young, she was a lawyer in property. For taking care of her father who got a cancer at his late years, Jacqui resigned her job and began to make handcrafts for making living.

“I enjoyed making handcrafts, more than being a lawyer. Although it couldn’t take me much money,” said by Jacqui.

Jacqui Willmott, Handmade gifts for the home

Jacqui Willmott, Handmade gifts for the home

The market has not only attracted local traders, but also traders in Wales. WALLY GREEN, a brand from Clydach Vale, takes handmade and qualified preserves to Cardiff people. Old and pure ingredients are used in the process of producing, and some of the fruits are imported from overseas. All is about taste and quality, never miss the chance of highlighting your food with luxurious preserves.


One the most happiest things is sharing the delicious preserves with families and friends

Being dazzled by the variety of food and handcrafts? Time to check the charity exhibitions! There are several charity organisations that have taken part in the market! Dogs Trust, an organisation keeps saving stray dogs and taking care of them. Around two pounds a week, you can sponsor a lovely dog to have a healthy and wonderful life. You don’t need to take care of the dog by yourself, because the organisation will do that for you. In major festivals, you will receive an exquisite greeting card with the recent photos of the dog.


“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” Dogs Trust.

Those are just several spoilers of the wonderful market! Feeling excited about it? Go and enjoy the wonderful event! The market is opening Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm, 10am to 7pm every Thursday throughout December.

Christmas Market Map, http://www.cardiffchristmasmarket.com/find-us/market-map/

Christmas Market Map, http://www.cardiffchristmasmarket.com/find-us/market-map/