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White poppy for Remembrance Day

About 21 people attended a poetry reading protest and selling white poppies against war on Remembrance Day in Cardiff.

A group of local people gathered on Queen Street protest against war under the sculpture of Aneurin Bevan, they were wearing white poppies instead of red ones. Activist and writer Adam Johannes and freelancer Mab Jones organized this protest, they did one last year, and this was their second poetry protest.

white poppy 3[One of the organizers Mab Jones was reading a poetry. ]

“People say they hate wars, they are going to stop it, but they never did” said Mab, they held this protest in remembering who died in the war and also say that war itself is not the best way to resolve things. “We are still in honor those who died, but the protest is against war and for peace, so we wear white poppy instead of red ones.”

Paul Relph, one of the protestors who was selling white poppies to people passes by, said “there are a lot of people who say they won’t go to war, but they did, they fought the battles, we are saying they were right, they helped, but it’s very difficult to tell.”

white poppy 2[The man was reading a poerty in Welsh. ]

The white poppy is a flower used as a symbol of peace, worn as an alternative to, or complement to, the red remembrance poppy for Remembrance Day or Anzac Day.