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Would you give up your Christmas Day to help the homeless?

With homelessness constantly increasing in Wales, we took to the streets of Cardiff to find out whether the public would sacrifice their Christmas Day to help those most in need.

OVER 350 people are expected to be sleeping rough on the streets of Cardiff throughout Christmas this year as levels of homelessness have increased by a staggering 81% in the past two years.

With the numbers of rough sleepers growing, charities such as the Huggard Centre and Crisis are struggling to combat the rise of Cardiff’s homeless population with their current resources that are available.

This winter season is set to be one of the toughest yet as local charities are in need of more donations and volunteers. Whether the donation is £5 to provide three warm meals or a whole day’s worth of volunteering in the kitchen, everything helps in the battle to combat loneliness and homelessness on Christmas.

In discussion with the public on the streets of Cardiff, many people recognized the need to volunteer and give to the homeless around the festive season yet did not want to give up their Christmas day.

Here is what they had to say:


Mati, 32, Nurse

I have considered helping out on Christmas Day. I work as a Nurse, so I have always wanted to help out with Shelter in London, but all of my family live in Cardiff. They don’t really do volunteering as nurses with shelter in Cardiff. But, yes, I would volunteer. My family might kill me, but yes I would!


Celina, 31, Botanist

I have actually done it! Originally, I am from Portugal and there were a few campaigns that I have taken part in. Whether this be at schools or councils, we tried to go door to door and ask for food and things that we can keep and give over the season. At Christmas I found that people are willing to give more because their hearts tend to melt.


Geoff, 22, Welcome Staff Assistant

I have always considered it but I have never actually done it. I do a lot of volunteering work throughout the year so it’s a good opportunity for me to have some time off.

Ruth, 24, Assistant Gallery Manager

I have never personally done it or came across it, but it’s something that I would do. I think the issue is raising awareness a bit more of how people can actually help. I was talking to my Mum recently, you hear of local cafes where they give their unwanted food to the homeless which is something really good to do. But, yes, I would definitely help out given the opportunity.

Kat, 22, RSPB Fundraiser

I have considered helping out over Christmas before but I have never really got around to doing it. It’s one of those things I have wanted to do, but I’ve never really had chance.


If you want to volunteer with a local charity over the Christmas period or on a more permanent basis, please visit the Huggard website for more information on how to get involved.