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A jaunt to a secluded paradise in Penarth

Penarth Pier

Tired of your city life? Free some time for a quick day trip in Penarth, the natural beauty might just be able to free your busy soul.

Cardiff is a surprise box filled with many hidden gems at every corner. This time around InterCardiff is taking all of you away from the most populous part of the city, and down to a more remote and secluded area – the Penarth Bay.

Penarth Pier Pavilion

The Penarth Pier is an iconic attraction in that district.

From Cardiff to Penarth…

It will only take approximately 20 minutes to travel by bus 93 from Cardiff Central Station to the heart of Penarth. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a tranquil town. Local shops are standing in line on the roadside, waiting for curious tourists to get in and learn about them. Strolling down the flowery road, you will find yourself situated near a picturesque shore in no time.

Penarth Pier Two Rivers Tattoo Studio

Many interesting shops, such as this Tattoo studio, are established in the heart of Penarth.

Penarth Pier Alexandra Park

On your way to the pier, you will pass by the Alexandra Park with lots of blossoming flowers. This is just two in many.

Taking a stroll around the pier…

Describing this place as “breathtaking” is everything but overrating it. The pier is built in an almost vintage British style with the likes of the main building and the fences entirely made up of wood brown, aqua green and white colours, suggesting a subtle sense of nostalgic beauty. As you walk to the end of the Penarth Pier Pavilion, the calm sea will gradually reveal itself and stretch in front of your eyes. You can also see other cities from the pier, such as Bristol and Somerset.

Penarth Pier

The Penarth Pier is an open area for everyone to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and the surroundings.

Penarth Pier shore

On days of fine weather, the shore is embraced by slow tides and often a colony of seagulls hunting for their prey over the water.

Relaxing in such a peaceful environment in this chilly weather while watching seagulls spread their wings, there is nothing better than holding a cup of hot chocolate in hand, which you can get from the nearby coffee shop. Sitting on a bench to rethink about life or just take a brief break from the suffocating urban pace, it’s all up to you.

Chatting with inspiring people…

The beauty of this place also lures in a diverse demographic mix. On this random Wednesday, I was welcomed by many friendly faces who were nice enough to share their insights with me. Rather remain his name undisclosed, the man in the picture would often travel to Penarth with his wife, in the same photo, to visit their daughter, who is raising an eight-year-old-triplet. Both of them had worked as a teacher before retirement, now they are enjoying their late years in joy and satisfaction.

Penarth Pier friendly faces

From time to time, the couple would visit their daughter and stay over in their house in Penarth.

Penarth is a fascinating place if you want to take a quick pause from your insanely crazy life. It has a comprehensive transport network of bus and trains that can easily take you back to the main parts of Cardiff. Take a short trip to the pier and thank me later.

Penarth Pier main road

Visitors are welcomed to drive or ride a bike to the pier area, where you can find parking space easily.