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Brexit: The Voice of Wales

Theresa May has offered the Welsh Government a formal seat in talks to shape the UK’s EU exit strategy this week. The Prime Minister stated that it was “imperative” that Wales help Brexit discussions work.

“We have been very clear that we should be working together to secure the best possible deal for the whole country,” said Mrs May’s spokeswoman. “We expect representatives of the devolved administrations to act in that way and to in now undermine the UK’s position.”

I went around Cardiff and asked a few of its residents their opinion whether it is a good idea to include Wales, and other countries in the Brexit discussions.

Do you think Wales should be included in the Brexit strategy?


“It’s important for Wales to have a voice as this change affects a range of people.” “Scotland have a say, so Wales should too. I’d be happy with the country I live in to decide for themselves.”

– Hayley, 35, and Rebecca, 23, Promotional Assistants


“Yes. I think we work better together, make trade better and are like one family union.”

– Carol, 61, Market Researcher


“Everyone in the UK should have a say. It was all sides arguing before the referendum, but now it’s important to involve everyone in the decisions.”

– Steve, 40, Mortgage Assistant


“I do. Equality is important. This decision is going to affect everyone and so everyone should have a say. The most annoying thing that happens is when someone has a right to say something but chooses to be silent. ”

– Olga, 19, Student


“I think they should. I don’t think Wales should be left out as they’re a part of the UK and so should have a say.”

– Cynthia, 69, Market Researcher