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Cathays is on its way to becoming a safer place for night time travel

Night time safety is one of the big agendas on everyone’s mind when it comes to students in Cathays

Protecting students’ safety at night is a big agenda with the CUSU

In a recent survey conducted by InterCardiff about some of the issues in Cathays, night time safety made it on the list.

Now with several international students studying in Cardiff, it is important that they are made to feel safe while enjoying the nightlife the city has to offer but this was not the case for Tess, a 19 year old student.

“I have felt like really unsafe some nights while walking home and I feel like it takes longer than usual to get home if I’m alone. I was followed and ‘made uncomfortable’ by a drunk man once on my way home from a friend’s party. I didn’t do much and kept walking fast till I got home. I didn’t want him to know where I lived! I was really scared to go out again for weeks. I haven’t told my parents since they live in a different country.” Says Tess.

Around 193 individuals have reported cases of sexual assault on the Cardiff University’s disclosure portal

According to the South Wales Police, 19.05% under sexual offenses and 168 cases have been reported in September 2018 alone.

With an increase in crimes like these, it is bound to become risky for students to step out at night and enjoy the city life.

The Cardiff University’s Online Disclosure portal has received 502 reports of violence and abuse since its inception in October 2017.

Recently, Cardiff University Students Union passed a motion in the Annual General Meeting to modify the system and create a more informal and trauma-based approach to help affected students.

The schemes work with trained volunteers that patrol streets from 9pm to 4am to help students

Teaming up with community-spirited volunteers, the South Wales Police have also started programs such as The Street Scheme and the Student Safety Walk since 2018 for a safer academic year.

“I had had too much to drink once and I was walking home alone because I got separated from my friends after we came out of a pub. As I was walking, I felt like I was being watched! To add to that, there were barely any street lights. But a student volunteer found me and helped me get home and also handed me slippers because my feet hurt from my heels.” Says Anita, a 21 year old woman.

The helpline number for Cardiff Nightline is 029 2087 0555