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Norwegian Church: a Scenic Place for Art Spotting

The Norwegian church is one of many emblematic buildings in Cardiff Bay where visitors can enjoy an astonishing view over the waterfront. The church attic also houses an art centre, a must-see for art enthusiasts.

Woman walking her dog in front of the iconic Norwegian Church in Cardiff.

It’s no wonder that a number of local artists choose to hold their exhibitions in the gorgeous-looking Norwegian Church Art Centre in Cardiff, once a place of worship for Norwegian sailors.

Rachel Rasmussen, an enthusiastic artist living in Cardiff, is currently exhibiting her paintings there in an exhibition called Why Wales?

An enthusiastic Rachel presenting her paintings. Originally from Tenby, the freelance artist discovered her love for painting at four years old.

“It’s lovely because it’s an iconic building, there’s a lot of history in the building,” she says.

The warm light coming through the church’s stained glass windows truly adds something to the whole experience of looking at the paintings of coastal seascapes and landscapes of Wales.

“The light in here is lovely, the windows help the exhibition space,” Rachel says with a smile.

A warm light shines through the Poor Man’s Bible in the Norwegian Church. The setting truly adds to the exhibition.

As visitors come in and out of the cosy attic, parents and children alike seem to enjoy contemplating the local artist’s works.

Rachel describes her art as both commercial and contemporary: “I paint what I love but at the same time I know what people would like to have in their house.”

The Norwegian Church Art Centre truly is a must for anyone who wants to explore Cardiff’s art scene without having to visit a museum. For those who want to sit down after a long day and want to enjoy a drink or some lunch, the church also houses a enjoyable little café.

Land and seascapes.

Reflections in the artist’s land- and seascapes. “There is some much beauty around Wales … I can’t help but paint it,” says the artist.

Rachel’s art display runs until the 29th of October. After that, other painters and photographers will take their turns at exhibiting their work. The Norwegian Church Art Centre and the café are open daily from 10.30 to 4.00 pm.