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Open Mic Event: Welcome your voice and poems

“As silly as you like” or “as serious as you like.” RARA gives you a friendly vibe to stand behind a mic and freely express yourself.

People were chatting during the event.

A group of poetry lovers gathered around Mackintosh Sports Club in Cardiff to share the passion for poetry and perform their original pieces this Monday night.

The open mic poetry performance event is now being run regularly on the second week of every month, giving people a free & friendly space to use their words to express themselves.

“We call ourselves RARA, that’s the combined abbreviation of the initial organisers,” says Will Ford, the current co-organiser of the event, “Every month RARA just gives anybody who wants 5 minutes behind the mic an opportunity to present anything they like.

Organisers, Will Ford and Dave Draggers, at the poetry performance event on Monday

“As silly as they like; as serious as they like. We would like to welcome people who may have never tried it before to come and test things out, sharing their spoken words with us in this cozy vibe.”

Hosts, Will Ford and Bridget Leggy Tanner, were discussing detail of the event

The event started with original catchy songs presented by Dave Draggers, the other organiser of RARA. After a heaving warm-up, Gareth Writer-Davis, as the first presenter that night, was welcomed with great applause. The venue then suddenly became quiet: everyone was concentrated on the stage, immersing themselves in the moving poems that recited by him.

Gareth has been writing for six years. As his surname, Writer-Davis, which is a beautiful coincidence, implies, Gareth embraces the passion about poems and other types of literature, and some of his work has been successfully published.

Gareth views writing as “a good therapy” in life. After his poetry performance, he said, “It’s always nice to have some applause and meet people here. That makes me feel confident about my work.”

Gareth Writer-Davis at the poetry performance event

Sineon Davis, one of the attendees, was presenting his poems

Poem manuscripts from Sineon Davis

RARA is always welcoming and supportive to every type and style of content. Anna presented her own piece of poetry where she gave witty advice to her son and said, “I’ve been here for nearly one ane a half year. And I’ve got the passion towards performing.

“I think this is just a step to bravery really. I’m not one of the best poets here, but I really enjoy doing this.”

She said, “I usually try to do something that I haven’t done here before. And it is something that people can give a go.”

Anna at the poetry performance event

Will said, “Every time we never quite know what we will get, and that’s the nature of ‘open mic’.”

Monday night saw a great variety of subjects and styles. No matter the ways or tones people used, it’s easy to see their greatest passion.

Poetry Performance events are necessarily about the classical and highly-arty stuff which is far away from life, but a relaxing way for people to express themselves and communicate with others.

As Will said, “The fast pace of life does not make people stop or think. People still get confused about life and have feelings about it. Through this process, people will naturally feel a need and desire to express themselves through poetry.”

Original poem written by Sineon Davis

If you are interested in this event, click here to view the Facebook page of RARA and find out the time for the next month’s event! Hope you enjoy!

In addition, another free open mic poetry event is also coming soon, visit http://bit.ly/2moY3Rf to find out more!