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Sikh Community Opens Arms Wide to All of Cardiff

Dasmais Singh Sabha Bhatra Gurdwara interior

Dasmais Singh Sabha Bhatra Gurdwara interior

In Riverside, Cardiff, there sits an inviting orange building, friendly chatter and the warm smell of food wafting from its open doors.

This is Dasmais Singh Sabha Bhatra Gurdwara, one of the oldest Sikh temples and community centers in Wales.

Exterior of the Dasmais Singh Sabha Bhatra Gurdwara

The community raised over £10 000 in funding to renovate the Gurdwara, which houses their holy text, the Guru Granth Sahib.

“If you can be good to somebody, do it,” said Gurmuk Singh, temple president, encapsulating one of the central ideals of the Sikh faith. It is one the community lives by, offering free hot vegetarian meals to anyone who visits.

Vegetarian meal offered at Gurdwara

Vegetarian diets are not compulsory for Sikhs, but dishes served in a langar will always be meat free so all may share.

The Gurdwara has recently undergone significant renovations. Community leader Gungwant Singh said, “The community has come together and took care of the building.”

Sign requesting for langar donations.

A langar is a kitchen found in every Gurdwara, where people may share meals regardless of gender, caste, class or background.

Pamphlet reading 'We Are Sikh'

The pamphlet explains, “We as Sikhs believe that whoever is born in this world has God in them. So, we should love everyone and hate none.”

Shoe rack at Gurdwara

Before entering the Gurdwara, you must cover your head, remove your shoes and wash your hands.

Drum in Cardiff Gurdwara

A Sikh service will include the singing of hymns, playing of music and reading from holy texts.

Guru in prayer

A Guru is a spiritual teacher who gives guidance to practitioners.