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Spanish civil war remembered at Alexandra Gardens

The memorials in Alexandra Garden serve as remembrance to several conflicts and disasters, including the Spanish Civil war.

Alexandria Gardens features several memorials, including the Welsh National War memorial and plaques to victims of thalidomide and the Spanish Civil war.

Spanish teacher Carla Garre says, “Alexandra Gardens is a beautiful place for a walk or a bike ride. I love going there in spring because of the Cherry blossom Trees, and when it´s a windy day it covers all in pink, beautiful, and [it’s] also very close to University, no excuses to miss out!”

The Garden features several memorials. Poppies frame the main plaque on this memorial stone to the Falklands conflict.

Remembrance Sunday services are held in the gardens. Crosses and poppies are often laid at the foot of memorials on this day.

The Gift of Life Stone, dedicated to organ and tissue donors. “They cared for those they helped, and those they helped remember.”

A soldier offers a wreath to the skies on the Welsh national war memorial, built to commemorate those who died in WWI.

The Thalidomide disaster lead to thousands of babies being born malformed, sparking the rigorous drug testing regulations we know today.

On the 12th of October, the national day of Spain, flowers appeared at the foot of a memorial to the Spanish Civil war and the Welsh men who joined the fight.

“We were really surprised when we saw [the memorial] for the first time! It shocked us that 36 Welshmen died in our civil war and I didn’t even know about Wales when I lived in Spain,” Says Carla Garre.

Many Welsh men joined the fight to defend democracy in the Spanish Civil war.