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Thompson Park afternoon activities

A girl in a pink shirt looks down into a pond

Sunny autumn afternoons are a treasured rarity in Wales, so how do Canton families fill a Sunday afternoon?

A girl in a pink shirt throwing bread

A young girl hurls bread into the duck pond at Thompson’s park.

A family of three stop by the glimmering pond, discarding bikes and scooters haphazardly by the pavement. Mum carefully hands out bread to the two kids, reminding the little boy to break up the pieces into small bits while his sister hurls her crumbs far to the back of a quacking crowd.

This family joined several others in Thompson’s Park enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon in one of Cardiff’s oldest public parks.

First opened in 1891 by owner Charles Thompson, the park features a large green field above a duck pond and is a popular spot for Canton locals.

A fountain with a bronze statue of a young boy sits next to the pond, which lends to the playful air of young families.

On this Sunday afternoon, though, the spot to be was by the duck pond. With every person stopping by, the ducks would congregate in hopes of some delicious treat.

Shrieks of delighted children interspersed with the ducks’ incessant quacking to create the perfect autumn afternoon soundtrack.

People next to a small pond with ducks, framed by leaves

A glimpse through the leaves at a family feeding ducks at Thompson pond.

Three ducks swim next to a large splash

Time for a bath! A duck shakes off water from a quick dunk.

A far shot of a pond with a willow tree and a young woman

A young woman watches the ducks in Thompson Park pond.

A flock of pigeons settling down on green grass while an older man walks behind them

The other avian inhabitants of the duck pond startle a little easier, but are still just as eager for bread crumbs.

Three elderly people sitting on a park bench, a man in a white shirt on the left, a woman in a green jacket in the center, and another man in blue sitting on an electric wheelchair

A regular outing for this threesome, they enjoy coming to the park to soak up the sun and watch the children play around the fountain.

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