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Cardiff Underground plan: What’s your opinion?

Have you heard about the South Wales Metro? The construction plan of South Wales Metro is underway. Cardiff is going to have its new underground railway in the near future.

    Cardiff Railway, Cathays Station

South Wales Metro is going to integrate heavy rail with new light rail and bus-based public transportation services in South East Wales around the hub of Cardiff, and it is estimated to cost £600 million in total. Four foreign-owned bidders are competing to create the new metro system and the construction work will start in 2017, according to BBC Wales.

A planned route map of Cardiff Underground is released and can be found on the second floor of St. David Department Store.

Here are some voices from people on the metro construction plan.

Andy Walker, 45, Accountant


“The metro plan is good, I think, although it must cost a lot. There is a lot of people, although it’s not as busy as some other cities, like London. But the population in Cardiff is getting larger and it’s making its new way to get people here. It will definitely bring more people into this city. And it can also connect the suburb and some valleys, so it will be good and beneficial, I think.”

Richel Hunt, 29, Nanny


“I don’t find difficulties traveling in Cardiff at the moment. But I don’ think the public transportation in Cardiff is great, it’s just okay. Sometimes buses can be late; either trains are not reliable. So I think the metro will be helpful.”

Maralene Griffiths, 42, Nurse


“For me, I live in middle Wales. My son studies in England. I would quite prefer that the money to be spent improving the rail connection from England to Wales. You know, he can be waiting a few of hours getting back onto a middle Wales train. So if it’s going to cost a lot of money, I think, it can be used to improve the ground railway rather than metro.”

” And the businesses…if you are underground, you are not gonna be stopping for a cup of coffee. Do you opportunistically come across a shop when you are underground? So if you are underground, you are not gonna be spending, aren’t you? ”

Anthony Gill, 48, Road Worker


“I don’t think that it’s worth spending quite a lot more on the construction of metro. I don’t think so. I think it should be spent on something else. On the people who need it. There are a lot of poor people struggling. The money should be spent on doing something good for them.”

Peter Annhernu (Left), 46, Website designer


“The map, I think it’s a kind of a joke. This is literally exact London underground map. It’s exactly the same. And you see, this (Cardiff Airport) is where Heathrow Airport is in London. Queen Street, for example, that is Liverpool Street Station in London. Where they got Cathedral Road, that’s King’s Cross. So this is like the exact, same version. I don’t think they’ve done a new map for Cardiff. lol “


                                                                                           Cardiff Underground Map


                                                                                         London Underground Map

Morgan Davis (Left), 16, Student


“I think the underground system will be very useful. Because we’ve on the train to the stadium to watch the football. And if there is an underground system, it will work so much easier to get into the game, from the game, and around the town. And it is cheap as well, better than getting a taxi or something.”