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International Women’s Day: Welsh female photographers call for equality

Female photographers have to fight in a male-dominated industry, where equipment is ‘designed by men for men’ and where people assuming they are just makeup artists.

Photographs from Tess Emily Seymour, showing women with different expressions.

Eight female photographers from the South Wales area hold an exhibition at Cardiff Bay, calling for gender equality and the visibility of women’s work.

The exhibition celebrates women’s work that otherwise might go unnoticed. Eight practitioners come together to share their real experience with audiences at The National Assembly for Wales from 25 February to 26 March.

“It could be really challenging to speak out, but that is our duty as women,” said Celia Jackson, one of the founders of the Phrame.

An artist was talking about her work, and Celia Jackson (stand at the middle) was listening.

“This is a space that we come together and gather strength.” she said. “

Artist’s work shown their concerns about gender fluidity, challenges of disability within the benefits system and the impact of a woman in the art and mental health problem.

Pictures show women’s faces in a different way, credit: Patricia Ziad.
EMMA, a drummer and singer with the group lslet, credit: Zara Mader.

“Photography remains stubbornly male-dominated,” said Celia.

According to Women Photograph, between April and June 2019, eight of the world’s leading newspapers printed far fewer lead photographs by women than by men from April to June 2019.

“South Wales is a very tricky place to be a woman photographer, things are improving in this area, but it’s too slow,” said Celia.

“We need a little bit braver and more outspoken. With a smile on your face and speak out.”

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